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My Christmas Eve @ The Curve

 24.12.2010     Friday

Today afternoon, went to PohLin's  house to make up.
Coincidently, we wore in same pattern and style.

I wore skirt today. Yer~Geliiii = =
I hate skirt!!

After we all settled everything, we went to The Curve with PohLin, Christine, Elaine and Michelle.

Reached The Curve, went to Friday to have our Christmas Eve dinner.

This is my rib eyes.

 This is PohLin and Christine's lamb chop.

 This is Michelle and Elaine's Spagetti.

 My lovely Hot Chocolate!! You're so hot babeh~

After dinner, we walked around and and take photo, of course.


31.12.2010     Friday 

Yesterday, my mom told me today will be a public holiday.
Of course I will ask "WHY???!!! "@@
Then, my mom gave me a very very very RUDE answer.

She said.......
Malaysia 去 Indonesia 果度踢埋晒D lan jiao 波, 攞埋晒D lan jiao 盃, 所以就放埋晒D lan jiao 假咯!!

I was like "LOL!!!WTH???" after I heard this.

Like this also want to holiday, how if Malaysia got the champion in World Cup???
Holiday for whole year???!!!!! = =

All my friends are going out for count down but I'm home alone. =(
But it's okay, cause I still have my DDT. xD

Before the end of today, I would like to wish all of you
Happy New Year!!! All the best in the new year!!
Let's welcome 2011~~ =)


An Earlier Christmas Celebration

Hoooo~Getting lazier lazier and lazier during this holiday.
Damn long time didn't update my lovely chubby pretty bloggie. Lol~

Go back to the previous week, my so call "Christmas Week". =)

21.12.2010        Tuesday

Today, my mom's kinder garden organized an earlier Christmas Celebration for the kids and I'm going to lend a hand to my mom.
Oh ya~For your information, my mom is a kinder garden teacher. =)

Reached kinder garden, wore an apron and fries french fries.

My mom will be in charge a lil' fashion show.
So, when the kids reached the kinder garden, I made-up and dressed up for them.

The hall was so damn lively, surrounded by the Christmas mood and song.

"You better watch out, you better not cry..
You better not pout, I'm telling you why...
Santa Claus is coming to town...."

When all the kids finish dressed up and made up, of course the performance started.
Unfortunately, I forgot to brought camera, otherwise this post will be fulled of photo. =(

After the performance from all the kids, had their meal in the hall.
French fries, Jellies, Nudgets, Swiss rolls, Ice-cream and blah blah blah....

When they finished their food, SUDDENLY....
We heard jingle bell ringing from the front door and we rushed out.
A Santa Claus walked into the hall with a big bag of presents!!!

All the kids were jumping, shouting, laughing, exciting!!!!

The Santa Claus was giving out the presents.

Celebration finished.
Let me introduce my favourite kids.

This....Her name is Tan Candy. so sweet~
She look alike my lil' Korean idol --------- Jung Sungha. 

Who's Jung Sungha??
Surf youtube.com and search it, you will know then. =))

I found interesting when she dressed up as a Japanese Geisha but she look like a Korean. xD
Forgot to capture her Japanese look, it's really so damn freaking pretty.

Second, I forgot what's his name.
I named him as Hawaii Fatty. Muahahaa

He look alike a Taiwan Comedian ---------- Na Dou 纳豆
Don't you think so, too?


Movie Movie EVERYDAY !!!!!

17.12.2010       Friday

Today, my relatives came to my house from Johor.
My brother suggested to bring us out for movie.

Due to my brother's working schedule, we decided to watch the midnight show.

Reached Jusco cinema.
They all wanted to watch "Lelio Popo", I was the only one who making combat.
I wanted to watch "Tron : Legacy" larh!!!!
Somemore, I already watched "Lelio Popo".

But at the end, they bought "Lelio Popo" tickets.= =
Since we still had lots of time after we bought the tickets, so we went to Hong Kong Food and Tea 欢喜地 for dinner.
After that went to "mamak" for a tea.

11.40pm. Went back to Jusco.
I turned into trance mode automatically when I walked into the cinema.@@
And almost fell asleep, too.

After movie, of course home sweet home.


18.12.2010       Saturday

Today, Miss POH LIN CHARLOTTE dated me to Jusco for movie AGAIN~~
She is the only one who date me in the holiday. TOUCHED... T^T

Reached Jusco and bought the tickets.
Then, went to Sushi King for lunch.

Captured by PohLin Charlotte, grabbed from her profile, too.
I saw the comments of this photo when I grabbed it, and the comments did really upset me. T^T

After Sushi, fly to the cinema *we already late for 10 or 20 minutes
We watched "Just Call Me Nobody 大笑江湖".

A pointless movie, a just-for-entertainment movie.
Really can't get any point from the movie. But very funny larh~

Then, go Paparich for a tea and chit chat.
7.++ then walk to Kepong food court for dinner.
Makan Bah Kut Teh~hehe
After dinner, don't know where to go, so went to Gasoline for tea again.
And chat a lots there.

After chat, we went to Desa Park City to meet PohLin's sista.
But we only realized that we had no enough money to took taxi to there when we stepped out to the door of Gasoline.
So, we borrowed money from Mr. Ah Gua.
This was the most "jit dor" day that we both ever had. hahahaha

Reached Kay's Garden and met her sister.
It's almost midnight already, we sat there and started our ghost stories talk

After that, home sweet home =))

Recently, I always murmur to myself unconsciously.
Dear, I miss you.
Do you miss me, too??
Woke up already??
Do you ate your breakfast??
Faster go bath larh~
Remember to drink more water while working.
Take care of yourself!!
Don't fall sick ya~
Rest more.
Sleep early larh~Don't always play computer until midnight.
No More bathing in the midnight!!!
And so on.....

Sometimes, I could heard someone's answering my questions.
Aiyerrrrr~ I think I'd out of my mind.= =

You are the first and the only one who made me lost in the love-maze.
Yes, you did it!! Mr. M.L.O.S


A New Life Style

17.11.2010      Thursday



SMK Taman Bukit Maluri 的學生明年有新canteen 用了!
至於在草場的那個暫時canteen 呢~已經被拆得像飛機跑道那麼平了


差沒有亂殺人罷了= =

終於到我了 Gam Uen Arh~~~

買了書,老天爺又跟我 pattern 多多

真的是 !@#$%^&*()

拜託你,請你叫校長明年給5A 和5B 一間像樣的課室,最好就是用新block 咯!


改變了自己的 life style

每天晚上都會捧著我的書,然後逼自己去讀,讀到 as late as I can.


可憐的我最近天天都在發惡夢啊~~ T^T

也會一直找東西做,keep myself as busy as I can.

Facebook 呢~
沒事也不會去開了,除非我要玩 “彈彈堂”

Msn 呢~

把體重增加到 42KG 是我目前的願望
我不想做 underweight girl 了!!!







15.12.2010     Wednesday



因為我在面子書Facebook 上看到了一個幾轟動一下的消息
就是,Facebook 即將在馬來西亞全面禁用! ! !
原因,太多人用 Facebook 來自殺! ! !

看到這裡你不覺得很開心嗎? ?

可笑! ! !
用 Facebook 來自殺? ? ? ! ! !醬神奇? ? @@

說這句話的天才可以教教我怎樣用Facebook 來自殺嗎? ?

那位天才是用電腦開了Facebook 然後用monitor砸破了自己的頭死掉嗎?
還是他有什麼超能力可以把Facebook 從熒光幕上拿下來然後當毒藥吞進肚子裡死掉? ?

請搞清楚一點! ! !
別人只是用Facebook 來留下遺言,沒用Facebook 來自殺! ! !

如果說有人用Facebook 來留遺言就要全面禁用的話,
那倒不如把全球的律師樓都關掉不是更好? ? ! ! ! !

我相信很多人都有看電視劇吧? ? ?


那是不是也要把那間屋子給查封? ?還是要拆掉? ?

可笑! ! ! !

難道禁用了Facebook 後世界上就不會有人再自殺嗎? ?
白痴的想法! ! !

還不如拆掉全世界的高樓大廈那麼就沒人再跳樓! !

不如停止生產刀片或任何可以刺死人的東西那麼就沒人再割脈或砍人! !

不如停止生產條狀的東西那麼就沒人吊頸自殺! !

不如把全世界的牆壁都拆掉那麼就沒人“long bia” 死掉! !

不如停止生產汽車 + 全面回收所有的汽車那麼那些打算跑出馬路給車撞的人躺在馬路上都死不了! !

不如把海水、湖水、喝水全都吸光那麼就沒人跳海、跳湖、跳河自殺! !

不如把全世界的毒藥都丟掉那麼就沒人吞毒藥自殺! !

最好就是把著整個地球都毀了那麼就絕對不會再有人自殺咯! ! ! ! !

當有人要自殺時,我們能做的只有勸導,而不是拼老命的去阻止! !
牛不喝水按不到牛頭低! !明白了唄? ? ?

也許有些人會濫用Facebook 來做一些腦殘的東西,
例如“博”出名 or what larh
可是絕對沒有人用 Facebook 來自殺! ! !


當做參考,看看就好 =)








人家是誰?我是誰? ?



我這種? ?死都沒人可憐


首先,我要聲明我沒有不相信你! 是你不相信我,對我沒信心,同時你也不相信你自己,對你自己沒信心!

先生,拜託你不要跟我開玩笑吼。 我不信任你? 什麼話?

這種叫什麼? 這種叫做信任










And I would like to tell you that,I LOVE YOU,



A date with my Lover ♥ Happy Anniversary?? =)

5.11.2010    Monday

Today, I dated my lover for movie~

Who is my lover??
Here is he~My Niu Niu =))

He's the only one who never argue with me, make me angry, he's always be with me no matter where I go, and he'll never say "NO" to me when I date him.

Afternoon, went to Jusco and I "fly" to cinema to buy ticket immediately when I reached there.

When I walked into the cinema, all people looked at me with their eyes. As if they saying "Aiyo~Why this girl watch movie alone har?? "

And I was feel like scolding the "What What WHAT???!! Never see people watch movie alone before meh??" xD

Niu Niu and I watched "Lelio Popo".

Damn funny lorh wei!!! But very meaningful also larh.
Very touch at the ending there, I cried badly T^T
After movie, "lepak-lepak" awhile, then back home~


You know wad, today was our anniversary actually.
I know it's nothing special and important, but I was started to get nervous a week before this. 
Stupid right?? xD
I was prepared everything, what I want to tell you, the present that I want to give you, programme of the day, and many many many.
I didn't expect that you will say "NO" when I date you. Awww~sad.xD

But anyway, thank you for everything that you gave me.
Happy Anniversary.



I thought our relationship will become stable than before but I'm wrong.
We are full of misunderstanding, suspicion, displeasure and many other negative things.
Maybe that's really my fault or what, but I really couldn't find the way out to solve all thing stupid things.

Yes, I do know that,
they are all prettier than me,
they are all slender than me,
they are all fair than me,
they are very popular,
they can make you happier than I could,
they can do everything much more better than I could,
they are just so that perfect for you.
 So, just go to them if you want to.
I just want you to be happy.
I don't want to see your sad and unhappy face anymore.


I ♥ Sushi !!!

 30.11.2010    Tuesday

Today, went to 1U with Kaiyi, Phu Sin and Kai Ni.
 Actually today we planned to have a early birthday celebration for Kaiyi.

Afternoon, went to Kaiyi house.
My first respond when Kaiyi open door for me was
: Wah~Kaiyi wear dress wor~~xD

Then, went to Jusco to fetch Phui Sin and headed to 1U !!!!

1U was full of Christmas feel and sales~Lovely~

The first thing we reached there was SUSHI ZANMAI !!!

So long time didn't have sushi already, miss it~
Although Sushi Zanmai is not a very high class sushi restaurant, but it still didn't affect my love to sushi =))

Before order, I take this from the spinning serving table immediately.
This is my favourite!!!!

Ordered and wait.......Wait........WAIT~
And also play......Play......PLAY~

This is mine~

This is Kai Ni one~

And this is Phui Sin one~

Where's Kaiyi one??
She already started to eat before I could take photo~hehe

This girl very CUTE, I thought her head stuck in the hole..xDD

Phui Sin made this-----a sauce that "campur" with many many sauces.
Then we played "one-two-juice" and the one who lose will eat this as punishment.
But....it's very nice actually..xD

Although we only ate a lil' bit, but we already very full~

In toilet...

Went MPH and bought some stationary.
This is TAN PHUI SIN!!!! haha

After that, we went "kacao" in many clothes shop.
We took many Many MANY shirt to fitting room and try try try~funny~

I saw this shirt in forever 21.
And yes, I do love my boy friend =))

Before we went home, we saw this at the ground floor.
They were going to play my favourite music "River Flows In You"!!!


My Singapore Trip (Universal Studio)

I was in Johor before I went to Singapore.
I only slept for 1 or 2 hours at the night before we leave because of my cousins. = =


Early in the morning, make up badly to cover my panda eyes.
It's seriously terrible. @@

Sorry for the pimple + weird expression. xDD

Got ready, had breakfast then go Singapore lorh!!!!

I can't wait for it, this is the first time I went to Singapore.
Reached Singapore and headed to Universal Studio, this is our aim.

After a serious traffic jam and finally we arrived.

I afraid I'll get lost in the car park. hehhehehe

Okay, the weather is not very hot, but is FUCKING hot!!!!! xDD

I wanted to play this but unfortunately, it's in service. =(

I watched 4D movie inside this castle~ It's really interesting!!!!
Enjoyed.. weeee~~~

4D spec look. hehehehehe

My lunch, quite nice~Just too spicy.

Girl's group.

 Canopy flyer. We queue up for 45 minutes but only rode for 15 seconds.= =

 This was the most interesting and excited game that I played. WOOHOOO~
 Water show!! Nice sound and live show effects!!!!

He shooting water to a guest. Oww~pity..xD

Can you see a man is hanging on the toxic barrel??

Spinning cup. We spin 99 inside here. @@

The mummy. There's a very nice roller coaster inside.
I played this again and again for 3 or 4 times. hahah

I also took picture with many cartoons~

They act cool?? We say YO!!!! hahaa

This people 抢镜头!!!

I missed the Kungfu panda. So sad ='(

I prefer night view. Very nice~

 Pink castle.

People mountain people sea at night. xD